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Trick to building on black cotton soil

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When Martin Wang’ombe went to inspect a plot he wanted to buy in Oloolua in Ngong, he noticed something unusual about his would-be neighbour’s house. It seemed to be slanting and had a huge crack on the wall. As he would later learn, the house was sinking, sucked in by the black cotton soil on which it stood. It turned out that the plot was in an area where the soil was more than 10 feet deep.

Normally, black cotton soil swells when wet and shrinks when dry. These changes, known as shrink-swell, tend to make the foundation sink deeper with time, leading to structural damage to a house built on such soil. During the construction of the house mentioned earlier, the contractor did make it rest on the bedrock, so the shallow foundation started sinking once the soil began swelling and contracting.

Firm unveils Sh22 billion real estate project in Kajiado

Cretum Properties on Tuesday launched a Sh22.7 billion real estate known as Green Isinya City. The office blocks, maisonettes, schools, high end eateries and police stations will sit on 1,000 acres in Kajiado County. The infrastructure begins in the next two weeks followed by ground-breaking in February next year.

Cheap and easy ways to display art

What do you do when you find that the fancied painting you bought does not fit into a standard wooden or metal frame? Store it and let it gather dust? There’s no need to do that, says Mr Benson Hinga, a freelance interior designer, who told DN2 that there were many options that could still look appealing against your walls or wallpaper. And while you might think some of them are unusual and possibly awkward, the interior designer says they achieve the first rule of décor, which is to create variety in the house.

Hangers If you think hangers are just for hanging towels and other items that you dont’ want on the floor, you need to get a bit more imaginative since, according to Mr Hinga, there are limitless ways of using them. “Wooden hangers, for instance, are perfect for holding prints or posters as they make the print or poster appear to be part of the wall. If you want your poster to hang taut against the wall, it’s advisable to clip a hanger to the bottom as well,” he says. You will achieve the best pattern if you hang them in a straight line as they create a continuous display of your wall hangings.