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Interior Decor Devolves To The Counties

The paints industry has become very competitive in the last few years especially from the price perspective. Players in the Industry are now focusing on introducing quite competitive prices in the market. Leading paints manufacturer Crown paints while continuing to introduce new and innovative products is keen on regional expansion. Crown Paints Chief Executive Officer Rakesh Rao said his company was firmly on track to entrench its presence in the region using a unique model of setting up mini-plants that feed demand for specific regions.

Digitally paint your living space with your favourite colours

Crown Paints has unveiled its third ultra-modern showroom in Mombasa. The new crown show room features the latest innovations in paints and interior finishes. It also offers consumers tips on how to enhance building aesthetics using quality products. It is designed as a one stop colour expression Centre, complete with colour visualizer to simulate room sets.

The color visualizer, a first in the Kenyan market, features a large touch screen that enables customers to explore different colour schemes in varying room settings. Customers can experience a virtual tour of the room while ‘splashing’ different paints on ‘furniture’, ‘floors’ and ‘walls’ to make an informed choice.

Kenyans dressing up their walls with designer paint

The living standards in Kenya are rising each day and this is affecting their taste and choices with regard to lifestyle. Interior design is becoming an important part in the lifestyle of individuals who would like to see a more authentic surrounding in their homes. With people nowadays spending more time indoors, whether is to watch movies, working from home or enjoying a holiday; interiors have become a more notable feature of the home. We might not know but our moods and temperaments are influenced by the interiors of the house; whether its furniture, wallpapers and mostly wall painting. More importantly if you own your own home there is a particular preference you have for your interior design and décor.

Special texture paint: the in-thing this year

Walls command a lot of attention in any room, and can enhance or destroy the ambiance of a place. When the same walls boast a unique and elegant surface finish, they become an attractive feature, some sort of a centre of attraction. That is why special textured paint is now replacing the dull and unexciting traditional white, cream, and plain textures on concrete walls, gypsum, plasterboard, metal, and wooden surfaces.

What is interior design?

example of classic interior design from classic mouldings

interior design showcase

What is interior design?

Interior design is a combination of art and science which aims at improving the quality of living space in commercial and residential buildings. It involves creating a beautiful and conducive setting for a range of activities and suiting client’s taste for that environment. This may be a house, a public building, restaurants or office.

The interior designer

The interior designer is the person assigned with task of interior design.  The interior designer models, remodels and/or decorates spaces in order to make them functional and attractive.

Homeowners opt to remodel or add rooms

real estate in kenyaIt’s cheaper to put in a second bath nowadays than to sell and buy a new home with two baths. That’s because a seller incurs costs to sell and a buyer incurs costs to buy as well as the increasing property prices. Therefore many opts to remodel to add more value on the home.

Select the Best Paint Colors to Sell Your House

The real estate market has been flooded with increasing interior decorators and designers all with diverse paints. Home designers and interior decorators know what colors work with each other. Let designers do the heavy lifting for you; Use their work as your guide when selecting paint.

Affordability Options For First-Time Buyers

Try fixer-uppers and smaller homes

First-time home buyers who want affordable homes may want to take a hard look at fixer-uppers, smaller homes and cheaper commutes to work to save on the costs of buying and owning a home.

Tips for Working With Real Estate Agents

If you plan to either buy or sell property, a real estate agent can be invaluable in their assistance. Real estate agents can provide many more useful services besides listing a property for sale in the MLS or driving potential buyers around to see houses for sale. If you are going to work with an agent, you must first understand that agents work for either the buyer or the seller but not both. Here are five tips on how to work with real estate agents.

Tip #1: Select the right kind of agent

Typical real estate agents work for the seller. They are responsible for preparing the listing for the home to be sold. They answer questions from buyers and can help in writing up the purchase and sale agreement. Other agents work as buyer agents. These agents represent the buyer. Not only do they show homes for sale to buyers but they can assist the buyer during the process. If you are selling a house, you want to use a seller’s agent but you would use a buyer’s agent if you are buying a new home.

Tip #2: Marketing expertise

Real estate agents will help a homeowner to create marketing material that will be used to sell a home. Pictures of the house will be used extensively in the marketing material. Homeowners should be prepared to have the house clean so that the pictures present a positive impression of the house.

Tip #3: Selling price

Agents have access to sales data of houses. This information allows them to determine a reasonable selling price for a home. Many homeowners may think they knew the value of their home but they should listen to the information presented by the agent.

Tip #4: Buying price

The same sales data that can be used to determine a selling price can be used to determine a buying price for a home. A buyer’s agent can tell you how long on average it takes for houses to sell in a neighborhood and what price they sell at compared to the original listing price. Use this information to not overpay for a home that you are considering buying.

Tip #5: Neighborhood knowledge

If you have children an agent can give you information about the quality of the local schools. Armed with this information you can purchase a home in a school district that will give your children a better education. They can tell you about areas where home values are increasing or decreasing, where crime is an issue and access to major shopping areas. You can use this information to buy a home that meets you criteria.

Agents do more than list houses for sale or show homes to buyers. Use these 5 tips to get value from using a real estate agent.