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Kariobangi property owners sue Kenya Roads Authority over Outer Ring demolitions.


Seven Kariobangi residents have moved to court seeking to have the Kenya Urban Roads Authority (Kura) stopped from demolishing their properties. This comes shortly after Kura marked eight structures at Kariobangi Light Industries on Outer Ring Road for demolition.

The road expansion has been long in coming. But the property owners say identification and marking of structures for demolition has been done without following laid down procedures of acquisition.

Naivasha’s Buffalo Mall Now Reports 95% Occupancy

Buffalo Mall, Naivasha’s biggest shopping mall has now leased 95% of the mall. Kenya’s  top brands have already taken their place in the Mall. The developers are already set on a strategy to target Kenya’s Secondary Cities. The phase one of the mall was already complete on November last year only eleven months after construction started.


The developers have expressed satisfaction with the ongoing construction progress and quality of delivery on site and so far phase one has attracted different leading brands in Kenya.  Phase two has already attracted  an array of Kenya’s leading brands with more than 20% leased with a considerable expression of interest having been received for the balance of areas. This level of interest on provision of truly standard modern retail facilities in Kenya’s secondary cities is long overdue and hence the need for this level of interest.

Authority halts constructions in bid to rid city of unsafe buildings.

Various property developers in Nairobi have been ordered to stop construction of commercial buildings for failing to meet government regulations.

In a campaign that launched on Friday to ensure developers met the regulations, the National Construction Authority (NCA) found out that cowboy contractors were involved in construction work.

The two-month campaign came in the wake of collapse of buildings in Nairobi, the latest which involved a seven-storey building in Huruma area, barely two weeks after a similar incident in Makongeni.

“All buildings should be a constructed by an authorized contractor who is under National Construction Authority,” said NCA Senior Investigator Chrispus Ddinyo, who led a team of colleagues on a tour of Thika Road neighborhoods where the campaign was launched.

Firm unveils Sh22 billion real estate project in Kajiado

Cretum Properties on Tuesday launched a Sh22.7 billion real estate known as Green Isinya City. The office blocks, maisonettes, schools, high end eateries and police stations will sit on 1,000 acres in Kajiado County. The infrastructure begins in the next two weeks followed by ground-breaking in February next year.

Nairobi County Government launches New Infrastructure Plan


New roads will be built to connect various parts of Nairobi while old ones will be expanded in an ambitious plan to transform it into a modern and attractive city.

The plan, which was launched yesterday, also proposes to demolish old estates in the Eastlands suburbs to pave way for highrise buildings where city residents can work and live.

It also proposes to revamp railway transport to ease the movement of people into and out of the city in a move that will reduce reliance on matatus and private vehicles.

Veiwing checklist real estate

When viewing any Kenyan property for the first time the following is a list to help you be thorough and organised. Remind yourself of questions that you should ask before you decide to take the property. It has been compiled for rentals but many aspects relevant for buyers.

  • What bills if any are included?
  • Is it clean, if not will it be cleaned prior to the tenancy start date? Check the places that are often forgotten by the previous tenant such as the oven, the cooker hood and the toilets.
  • Is it secure? Is there a security lock on the front door? If it is a ground floor flat are there window locks. If there is an alarm fitted is it in working order? Did the security guards question you when you entered?
  • If the property is furnished make a note of any additional items that you require. You may be able to request these as part of the negotiating process.
  • Does the property have the appliances that you require; washing machine and fridge  freezer?
  • Is there a shower. Does it have sufficient pressure? How often does the area have water shortages? Does the property have its own supply, i.e. water tank and pumping system.
  • Are there any obvious repairs that need doing? Note them down and request them to be done prior to the tenancy starting.
  • Are there any external sources of noise such as busy roads, matatu routes, restaurants?  You may need to re-visit during busy periods to see if you can live with it.
  • Is there allocated parking? If not where is the nearest safe parking?
  • Does it have access to the garden? Is it private or communal? Who will be responsible for maintaining it? (usually the tenant)

Does the area suffer from regular electricity shortages? Remember in some areas excessive building has resulted in lack of fundamental infrastructure capacity.

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Date: 03/06/09
Author: PropertyLeo

What is the environmental benefit cost analysis of building a highway through the Serengeti Park?

That place is the Serengeti, a World Heritage Site and home to the largest land migration of wildlife in the world.The people of Tanzania have protected the Serengeti for the role it plays in their culture since the birth of their country. Now their government plans to sever it with a 31-mile, two-lane highway.

For those of  who are used to the six-lane highways in first World Countries stretching thousands of miles across for example: -the U.S., one little road might not seem like a big deal. However, this project has been mapped out right across the migration path of over a million wildebeest and other animals.

Wildebeest numbers will plummet if they can’t reach the Mara River in Kenya, impacting the food chain from the top down. Lions and other predators would face a food shortage. Without wildebeest grazing to maintain the grasslands, leading biologists warn that grass fires could destroy the region and turn it into a source of carbon emissions.

Despite the potential for ecological disaster, there has been scant media attention about the planned road. One of the few bright spots is the group Save the Serengeti, which is using to mobilize thousands of people within Tanzania and across the world to stop the road’s construction.

Has Tanzanian Government forgotten the Kenyan Mau Forest landscape that has more than damaged the biodiversity of the wild animals,plant flora and water table and lastly affected the agricultural land plantations, chased rainfalls, diminshed the amount of precipitation into river Nile.

The Serengeti Biodiversity Saga will be terrible to both the indigenous people of Tanzania especially the Masai and the the usual benefits from Tourism.The construction may look lucrative and job creation bringing to the locals but in the long time run the total environmetal damage to the animals,birds,plant flora, water catchment table and the SERENGETI PANOROMA TASTE will soon evade way slowly.

After the construction of the highway there comes the Wildlife Maffia to porch at night and carry the whole loot through the night, will Tanzania control the uncontrollable porchers and drug traffickers through the main highway? No.

What Tanzania wants to do in Serengeti is what had been experimented in Kenya Parks but failed. We environmentalists refused especially when they wanted to build shycrapers at the sites of wonderful Uhuru Park in Nairobi, during the MOI presidential tenure.The Noble Lurate Wangai Mathai did organize very successful demonstrations of women peacefully severally, though our ladies were beaten by police but they cursed the AUTHORITY culturally by showing the inner natural attire,they had not always seen in public.

That was the time things started to fall apart in such useless white elephant projects in East Africa. Generally those useless so-called lucrative projects not paying to the Tanzanian Government citizens of the country should not be built at the proposed SERENGETI SITE because of BIODIVERSITY.

The highway infrastructure investment is very good for the Tanzanian country and East African Community as a whole but should instead be built in an environmental sustainable friendly development site that is profitable to the country and even in the long run the nice natural biodiversity species and beauty will not depleted in the short time period by porchers.

This SERENGETI WILDLIFE HIGHWAY PROJECT CONSTRUCTION IS NOT VIABLE NOW AND SHOULD BE REJECTECTED IN ITS TOTALITY. This is the time for IUCN to launch an appeal to stop the highway construction in Tanzania.


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