Digitally paint your living space with your favourite colours

Crown Paints has unveiled its third ultra-modern showroom in Mombasa. The new crown show room features the latest innovations in paints and interior finishes. It also offers consumers tips on how to enhance building aesthetics using quality products. It is designed as a one stop colour expression Centre, complete with colour visualizer to simulate room sets.

The color visualizer, a first in the Kenyan market, features a large touch screen that enables customers to explore different colour schemes in varying room settings. Customers can experience a virtual tour of the room while ‘splashing’ different paints on ‘furniture’, ‘floors’ and ‘walls’ to make an informed choice. Continue reading

A modest budget will give you amazing decoration results

Another month, another day, you put down your favorite home magazine only to see your room exactly as it’s always been, missing something. It’s missing that touch that brings everything together in a sort of magical way. Notice I said sort of because while fancy rooms in magazines may appear magical, you can replicate the same in your house regardless of your budget.

 Home decorating is often more subjective than it is objective. What works for one house doesn’t necessarily have to be fit for another house. It heavily depends on the shape of the rooms, the taste and preferences of the occupants and of course their purchasing power. Continue reading

Easy steps to building your own home

Estimates by the recently released Hass-KPTDA Index estimates that the shortfall in middle class housing in Nairobi alone will be at around 1.6 million by the year 2030. The Government had set a target to deliver 200,000 building units a year but statistics show planned housing builds at only  15,000 units. “Nairobi has declared its intention to emerge as a world class city, but this depends on a sharp increase in construction, where current trends are instead slowing down the development industry’s rate of growth,” said Robyn Emerson, CEO of KPDA.

Such grim statistics show that the Government and Developers are way behind in delivering homes to Kenyans. This creates a need for people to initiate the construction of their own homes. What are the steps and best practices when building your home?

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Housing Finance introduces construction solutions dubbed Makao

Integrated financial services provider, Housing Finance Group has unveiled over 50 home construction designs aimed at delivering access to quality and affordable housing to the middle and lower end of the market.

The designs marketed under Makao, will offer a seamless end-to-end building solution involving consortia of building professionals and Housing Finance.The consortium of professionals will include a team of architects, project managers, quantity surveyors, legal advisers, civil and service engineers and contractors.

Housing Finance Group, Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Frank Ireri speaking during the launch noted that the demand for housing in Kenya is high driven by the growing population and rapid urbanisation. Additionally, Mr. Ireri noted supply of affordable units’ falls short of demand, a situation that has been exacerbated by inadequate supply of affordable stock of housing units. Above all, the growth in middle income brackets Continue reading

All invited for the Kenya Homes Expo April 2014

The 19th Kenya Homes expo is set to open at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre on the April 10th to 13th 2014. This is the biggest homes show in Eastern and Central Africa.An estimated 40,000 visitors attend the three day event annually.  More than 140 firms participated in the event last year and the same number if not more are expected for this year.  The expo draws local and international exhibitors drawn from various sectors of the real estate industry. Continue reading

Kenyans go for cheaper second-hand houses

Kenyans seeking to own homes are turning to second-hand houses as the prices of new units continue to rise. Used houses have become an easy route to home ownership, especially for first-time buyers who do not have the financial muscle to buy new properties that go for as high as $117,418 for three-bedroom units. The second-hand houses are being sold in middle-income estates in Nairobi where the gated community concept was pioneered. The estates include Buru Buru, Komarock, South B and C, Embakasi, Madaraka and Langata. Those wheo are selling the houses are first time owners to new residential areas. Some of them have stayed in the estates for over a decade.

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Nairobi lacks good offices, says new industry report

KENYA: With Nairobi being one of the most lucrative real estate destinations in the region, it is emerging that the industry is not capitalising on its potential. A new report by Mentor Management Limited has revealed that few developers are meeting the demand for office space in the city.

The report, released last week, revealed that many developers are not building offices that are in sync with what many companies are looking for.

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The Growing & changing landscape of Nairobi’s Metropolis

Nearly all of the tallest buildings in Kenya are to be found in Nairobi. Except for maybe Bima towers in Mombasa no other building in Kenya can squeeze itself among the top 20 buildings in the country. Nairobi dominates in anything that has to do with real estate in Kenya; whether residential or commercial.   Nairobi is Kenya center of innovation, industrialization, education and culture. It also generates almost half of Kenya’s GDP and employs 25% of Kenyans and 43% of urban workers in the country.  The city is also hosts the United Nation’s regional headquarters and is also home to Coca Cola, General Motors and Google headquarters. Nairobi is home to three quarters of the millionaires in Kenya having 6, 200 high net worth individuals.

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Housing Finance subsidiaries register growth as profit rises by 63 percent

Integrated financial services provider, Housing Finance Group ongoing business diversification strategy has boosted growth with the firm registering a 63 percent rise in profit before tax for the full year ended 2013.

The Group’s before tax profit grew to Kshs 1.48 billion, up from Kshs 907 million posted in a similar period in 2012. After tax profit grew to Kshs 995.19 million up from Kshs 743.33 million, representing a 33 percent rise.

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Celebrating Kenya’s next 50 years

Kenya recently celebrated 50 years of independence, the event was marked with pomp and colour led by President Kenyatta who was born in the same period. For majority of the nation who are youths under the age of 35 colonial rule is just a part of history.  Most of us were been born in a time when oppression, colonialism was out of topic in Africa. The challenges had moved to poverty, hunger and conflict. So marking independence from colonial oppression should not mean much. Nevertheless Kenya has in the recent past shifted gear to a more positive outlook for its future.  Looking back to the events in the last half century it is clear we are curving a new beginning.

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